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Volunteer for the Chelmsford river clean up

A community event to clean up Chelmsford’s rivers is taking place on Saturday 8 June at 9am.

Increased fines of up to £1,000 for environmental crimes

People caught committing littering, graffiti and fly tipping offences in Chelmsford will now face fines between £500–£1,000.

Litter is no small problem

Giant sculptures of litter have arrived in Chelmsford as part of an anti-litter campaign to highlight that ‘litter is no small problem’.

Over 100 abandoned shopping trolleys found during Chelmsford river clean-up

Over the past couple of weeks, Chelmsford City Council have worked hard cleaning up litter from the waterways in the city centre.

Anti-littering campaign aimed at motorists launched

Chelmsford City Council has joined forces with other local authorities across Essex for the 2022 Love Essex anti-littering campaign.

Volunteers join river clean up

Over 150 volunteers turned up for a Spring River Clean Up event to reduce pollution and protect local wildlife habitat and waterways.

Join in with Chelmsford’s Big Clean-Up

Saturday 18 September is World-Clean-up Day which is a chance for everyone to give their local environment some much-needed TLC.