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Social media and ‘green’ support programmes available to help Chelmsford businesses

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Local businesses can benefit for free from two new support packages arranged by Chelmsford City Council.

The first programme offers support to businesses needing additional help with using paid advertising on social media. The second support programme can help businesses to develop and carry out a decarbonisation plan.

The two support programmes launched in the past month. Businesses can apply online for one or both programmes, depending on which is relevant to them. Eligibility criteria will apply.

Social media support from Squarestar Digital

The social media support on offer is provided by Squarestar Digital. The aim is to help Chelmsford businesses to get the most out of paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

This training is specifically designed for businesses that currently use paid advertising on social media and that have a dedicated monthly budget for this.

The training will support businesses to use the best tools within the platforms to promote their business in a way that will generate the most benefit.

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Helping businesses be ‘greener’ with MKR Solutions

Support is being provided by MKR Solutions to help businesses produce a decarbonisation plan. This will help businesses reduce their carbon footprint, increase productivity and make financial savings.

This programme gives 1-2-1 support and can help businesses from across all sectors. It focuses on the collective culture of continuous improvement to maintain and drive change in line with Net Zero goals.

To gain the most value from this programme, businesses should be at least 18 months old.

Cllr Simon Goldman, Cabinet Deputy for the Economy and Strategic Projects, is keen for local businesses to take up the opportunity to apply for the free support:

“We want to help businesses local to Chelmsford to succeed. These support packages are a way to help businesses gain further skills and knowledge that will give their business a boost. If you’re a business struggling with social media and want to see a better return on your investments, or you have ambitions to help the environment and want to create greener efficiencies in your business, then please read more about the schemes and take the opportunity to apply.”

Cllr Simon Goldman, Cabinet Deputy for the Economy and Strategic Projects

The training on offer will be provided one-to-one with each business. Applications will be individually assessed and successful applicants will be notified.

Apply for the programmes at https://www.chelmsford.gov.uk/business/business-advice-support-and-news/support-for-businesses.

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