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New bike hangars launched

Chelmsford Smart Hangar Scheme (CSHS) was launched earlier this week to help cyclists to safely store their bikes in Chelmsford’s city centre. 

Currently, there are three ‘bike hangars’ that can hold up to six bikes. They are located in:

  • Can Bridge Way (by Meadows Surface car park)
  • Market Road (by the public toilets)
  • Market Square (on the corner of Cornhill and Bellmead)

The bike hangars cost £1 per hour or £3 for a full day.

How does it work?

1. Set up your account

First, download the FalcoSmart app from either Google Play or the Apple Store to set up your account.

2. Storing your bike

When you want to store your bike, find the bike hangar you wish to use, scan the QR code on the bike hangar and start your rental. This will then give you access to the hangar via the lock ‘button’ on your app. You can revisit the hangar at any time during your rental.

3. Ending your rental

At the end of the rental, access the bike hangar using the lock button on your app, remove your bike and close the door securely. Press ‘end rental’ on your app.

Bike Hanger Instructions

Cycling in Chelmsford

Cycling encourages a healthier lifestyle, is good for the environment and is a sustainable form of transport.

In 2020, the Council created the Chelmsford Cycling Charter to encourage residents and local businesses to support everyday cycling. There are over 30 miles of family friendly cycling routes in Chelmsford, and you can find the route maps at the Explore Chelmsford site.

Chelmsford has 960 bicycle stands, of which 450 are spaces at the station.

“This new scheme provides a secure, accessible and dry storage for bicycles. I hope the new hangars will encourage more residents to cycle to the city centre, thus reducing pollution and traffic congestion – making Chelmsford greener and healthier.”

Cllr Mike Mackrory, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Development
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Charlotte Maltby

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