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Housing Summit: Collaborative approach to tackle housing crisis

In February, industry experts came together at the North Essex Councils Housing Summit to discuss the current housing crisis.

North Essex Councils' summit addresses housing challenge

North Essex Councils and health partners came together earlier this month to try to address housing challenges in north Essex together.

North Essex Councils join forces to address housing crisis in the county

Housing summit aims to find solutions to affordability and homelessness issues in Essex

Construction begins for access road and bridge to Chelmer Waterside

Construction work to build a new bridge and road that will provide access to a new Chelmsford city centre neighbourhood will soon begin.

Chelmsford City Council reviews Local Plan to address climate and affordable housing crises

Chelmsford City Council has started to review its Local Plan, to take account of changes in City Council priorities and Government policies.

Affordable homes a Chelmsford priority over next five years

Chelmsford’s housing provision is failing to deliver for too many people and the City Council is aiming to address that with a new strategy.

Chelmsford City Council declares Housing Crisis

On Tuesday, Chelmsford’s city councillors voted to declare a Housing Crisis and called on the Government to do more.