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Chelmsford Council budget protects environment and services despite brutal inflation

Chelmsford City Council has approved budget proposals for 2023/24 that will protect the environment and key services

Cabinet to consider 2023/24 budget proposals with green investment

Chelmsford City Council’s Cabinet will consider proposals for its 2023/24 budget next week, against a backdrop of rampant inflation.

Chelmsford City Council considers proposals to tackle budget shortfall

Chelmsford City Council is considering proposals to tackle the burden of soaring inflation and volatile economic conditions on its finances.

Cost of living crisis hits councils including Chelmsford

The Council is warning that like most other councils, it is facing the same the cost of living crisis as residents and businesses.

Council calls for an end to major tax avoidance by businesses

The Council has passed a motion to be an example of good tax conduct and encourage businesses it deals with to have good tax practices.

City Council’s ‘greener, fairer’ budget proposed

Chelmsford City Council’s Cabinet has approved a proposed budget for 2022-23 to maintain essential services and protect vulnerable residents

Chelmsford City Council agrees budget for 2021/22

Chelmsford City Council has agreed its budget for 2021-22, to protect services, boost the economy, support people and address pandemic costs