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New e-scooter fleet launched in Chelmsford

A new fleet of e-scooters has been launched as part of the hire trial running in Chelmsford. The blue scooters were unveiled as the popular hire scheme hit a landmark in the city – it recently celebrated its 300,000th hire since it started in February 2021.

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The new fleet is provided by TIER, after it took over Spin, the previous provider.

Chelmsford City Council is taking part in the e-scooter hire trial with Essex County Council and TIER. The aim is to provide a safe way for people to travel, that reduces the number of short car journeys made. Only e-scooters hired through the trial are legal on Essex roads.

There are now over 300 e-scooters available, across a number of locations. You can find where the nearest e-scooter is by downloading the TIER app. Riders will have to re-register with TIER to be able to ride.

Keeping road users safe

The fleet consists of TIER’s latest e-scooters, with additional safety features such as indicators and updated brakes for stable riding on uneven surfaces and conditions.

To hire a scooter, you need to:

  • be 18 or over, and
  • have a provisional or full driving licence

TIER will provide compulsory in-app training and safety advice before you can hire. This will include reading advice, completing some questions and watching a training video. You will have insurance through the trial.

Where to ride the e-scooters

There are regulations about where you can ride an e-scooter. Other rules to be aware of include parking the e-scooter.

You can ride an e-scooter:

  • along cycle paths
  • in parks
  • in most places in the city

You cannot ride an e-scooter on:

  • the pavement
  • pedestrianised areas
  • major roads over 30 mph

To make sure all road users are safe, there are some other areas where you are not allowed to ride. These are no-go zones. In the city centre they include:

  • High Street
  • Moulsham Street, from Parkway to Stone Bridge
  • Cathedral grounds and Church Lane
  • High Chelmer and The Meadows
  • Springfield Road, from High Street to Bond Street
  • Bell Meadow (pedestrian only path)
  • Cannon Mews and Park Road (the pedestrian-only southern half)
  • pedestrian-only paths in Central Park

To make sure you are familiar with regulations please read the guidance on the Chelmsford City Council website.

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