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General election results 2024

Marie Goldman of the Liberal Democrats has been elected MP for the Chelmsford constituency.

Chelmsford electors voted on Thursday 4 July 2024 in the parliamentary general election. When the polling stations closed at 10pm, the Chelmsford voting area's ballot boxes were delivered to Chelmsford Sport & Athletics Centre ready for the count to begin overnight.

Following a busy night of counting, the vote was declared just before 3am on Friday 5 July, with Marie Goldman of the Liberal Democrats winning the most votes and being named the new MP for Chelmsford.

Results being declared
Nick Eveleigh, Acting Returning Officer, declaring Chelmsford's general election result.

2024 results

  • Vicky Ford, The Conservative Party Candidate: 15,461 votes
  • Marie Goldman, Liberal Democrats: 20,214 votes
  • Reza Hossain, The Green Party: 1,588 votes
  • Richard Hyland, Independent Network: 230 votes
  • Darren Ingrouille, Reform UK: 6,754 votes
  • Mark Stephen Kenlen, Workers Party: 105 votes
  • Mark Citizen Lawrence, The Official Monster Raving Loony Party: 187 votes
  • Richard William Parry, Labour Party: 6,108 votes
  • Kamla Sangha, Independent: 69 votes

In the general election of 2024, Marie Goldman was declared the winner with 20,214 votes. 

Turnout: 66.10%

Rejected votes: 139

Ballot papers issued: 50,868

The results are also published on the Chelmsford City Council website alongside results for previous elections.

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