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Apply to be an ‘Independent Person’

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Chelmsford City Council is hiring for an ‘Independent Person’. This is a flexible job opportunity for a unique part-time role. The main requirement of the job is to provide independent assurance to the council’s Audit and Risk Committee.

The role of an Independent Person

The Independent Person’s job role is to consider the adequacy and effectiveness of the City Council’s governance, internal control and risk management arrangements. They will also oversee the council’s statutory financial reporting process.

Candidates do not require legal qualifications, nor need previous experience of the role. However, the right applicant will be required to have a good understanding of the public sector. To do the job well, they will need knowledge of financial reporting, internal auditing, risk management and understand the Audit and Risk Committee’s role and place within the council’s governance structure.

Applicants will need to be objective and act with fairness, impartiality, and integrity, as well as display high standards of conduct and ethical behaviour.

Pay and working hours

The role receives an annual allowance of £660 and reasonable expenses will be reimbursed. 

The job won’t take up a huge amount of time and would be suitable for people with flexibility in their existing working arrangements or have spare time and want an additional income.

The Audit and Risk Committee normally meets in person four times a year, in the evenings. Alongside reading documents in advance of meetings, the Independent Person may have to attend informal briefing/training sessions.

How to apply

There’s a handy information pack to read before applying by filling in an application form. The closing date for applications is Tuesday 12 September 2023. In-person interviews are scheduled for Thursday 21 September 2023. Find out more on the Chelmsford City Council website.

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