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Who’s standing for election on 6 May?

Local elections are taking place in Chelmsford on Thursday 6 May.

There are elections for Essex County Council, the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Chelmsford City Council (Moulsham Lodge ward only) and some parish councils. This is your opportunity to choose who you want to represent you in your community.

When you arrive at the polling station, you’ll be given ballot papers to vote for representatives for your electoral division. Your poll card will tell you which division you are covered by, if you’re not sure.

To find out more information about each candidate, look out for their campaigns in your local community and social media.

Keep reading to find out who’s running for election…

Essex County Council election

County Councillors make important decisions about things such as highways, education, children’s services, adult social care and libraries. The ballot paper will be white. The candidates running for Essex County Council across the nine electoral divisions in Chelmsford, are:

Broomfield and Writtle

  • Lucy Jane Barrett, Labour Party
  • Nick Caddick, Green Party Candidate
  • Nikki Perry, Liberal Democrat
  • Mike Steel, The Conservative Party Candidate


  • Ben Harvey, Green Party Candidate
  • David Howell, Labour Party
  • Rose Moore, Liberal Democrat
  • John Andrew Spence, The Conservative Party Candidate

Chelmsford Central

  • Marie Clare Goldman, Liberal Democrat
  • Edward Massey, Labour Party
  • Seena Shah, The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Claire Angela Young, Green Party Candidate

Chelmsford North

  • Jessica Peacock, Labour Party 
  • Stephen John Robinson, Liberal Democrat 
  • Mark Taylor, The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Angela Joan Thomson, Green Party Candidate

Chelmsford West

  • Ronnie Bartlett, Green Party Candidate
  • Jude Deakin, Liberal Democrat
  • Pete Dixon, Labour Party
  • Ben McNally, The Conservative Party Candidate

Great Baddow

  • Alex Heard, Green Party Candidate
  • Richard Joseph John Hyland, Independent Network
  • Anthony John McQuiggan, The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Janbee Shaik Mopidevi, Labour Party
  • Jesse Clifford Pryke, UK Independence Party (UKIP)
  • Smita Rajesh, Liberal Democrat

South Woodham Ferrers

  • Ian Anthony Donald Gale, Liberal Democrat
  • Emmanuel Arnold Kemball, Labour Party
  • Bob Massey, The Conservative Party Candidate
  • David Rey, Green Party Candidate
  • Jill Winn, South Woodham Ferrers Council Taxpayers Association


  • Leah Marie Butler-Smith, The Democratic Network
  • Russell Kennedy, Labour and Co-operative Party
  • James Robert Lumbard, Green Party Candidate
  • Mike Mackrory, Liberal Democrat
  • James Alexander John Tyrrell, The Conservative Party Candidate


  • Paul Hayden Clark, Independent Network
  • Ian Spencer Grundy, The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Jake Havard, Labour Party
  • Brian Littlechild, Green Party Candidate
  • Tom Willis, Liberal Democrat

Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) election

Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) make sure that local police meet the needs of the community. In Essex, the PCC also oversees Essex County Fire and Rescue Service. The ballot paper colour will be buff. The candidates are:

  • Roger Hirst, The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Robin Tilbrook, English Democrats – “More Police – Catching Criminals!”
  • Chris Vince, Labour and Co-operative Party
  • Jon Whitehouse, Liberal Democrat

Chelmsford City Council election (Moulsham Lodge ward only)

Only residents in Moulsham Lodge will be voting for a City Councillor due to one vacant seat here. The ballot paper colour for this election will be pale green.

The candidates standing in this election are:

  • Hazel Olive Clark, Liberal Democrat
  • Robert James Ewart Gisby, The Conservative Party Candidate
  • Ben Harvey, Green Party Candidate
  • Jake Havard, Labour Party
  • Angela Jane Pitt Ling, Independent Network

Parish council elections

There are three parish/town council elections taking place. The ballot paper for these elections will be lilac. The candidates in the running are:

Great Baddow (Rothmans ward)

  • Mary Jane Cordeiro
  • Douglas Richard Tully, Liberal Democrat

Stock Parish Council

  • Mark Aylward Rolph 
  • Mark Taylor

South Woodham Ferrers (Woodville ward only)

This election is uncontested, as only one candidate is standing:

  • Toni Jacqueline Perham-Lake

Find out more about what to expect in the upcoming elections and what it is that councils really do.

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Julie Weight
Julie Weight

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