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Warm spaces open up across Chelmsford

Warm Spaces

Many of us will be reluctant to put the heating on for fear of higher bills. But did you know that there are places in and around Chelmsford where you can go to warm up during the day?

With the winter setting in, you can find places where you can enjoy warm surroundings and often also a free hot drink or snack.

A range of warm spaces available

Many community and voluntary organisations provide activities at their premises throughout the year, offering a social setting for people who may be lonely or isolated, or need support. Now more than ever, they’re extending a much-needed welcome and a warm space to all those who need it.

Whether you’re after an activity in a friendly group, or just a place to keep warm, Chelmsford has really responded to the need! You’ll find a range of possibilities in neighbourhoods around the city.  

Apart from libraries, other organisations are also offering a warm space to help residents this winter. They include churches, mother and child groups and even a number of shops and businesses.

Libraries, churches and community spaces

During the winter months Chelmsford Museum, in Moulsham Street, is open from 10am to 4pm every day.

Essex libraries are inviting people to come and sit inside, and some have hot drinks on hand. The Warm Welcomes initiative will offer extra opportunities for residents to visit them in order to keep warm, get advice and information and stay connected with others this winter.

The offer will vary across libraries. Find out what is available at each location. 

Chelmsford Foodbank

Chelmsford Foodbank is working hard to make a difference for residents. They have been gathering information about places offering a warm space alongside the work they are do to get food to those in need. As well as information about food vouchers, it also has tips for keeping warm and saving energy. You can find out what help is available by visiting their website

Among locations is the Salvation Army, in Baddow Road, which is open 10am-5pm Mondays and Thursdays for a free hot meal and a warm and open space.  

Another is The Orchards Café in Great Baddow which is open Monday to Friday for free tea, coffee, soup, beans on toast.

Every Thursday Moulsham Lodge Methodist Church has a warm-up day where people can pop along and have a warm-up and a chat.

A hot drink and a warm welcome

The Angel in Broomfield is generously inviting people in for free tea or coffee on Monday afternoons between 12pm and 5pm.

East Hanningfield has organised a Warm Village Hub at the village hall where any resident of the village can meet and socialise every Sunday afternoon during the winter. Volunteers serve free tea/coffee/squash and cakes.

Find a warm space via Chelmsford CVS and Street Support

There are many more places supporting the warm spaces initiative. Chelmsford CVS, which co-ordinates voluntary services, has been doing a wonderful job collating an extensive list of warm spaces available throughout the Chelmsford area, so you can look for a location near you.

Chelmsford is really pulling out the stops! We’re so heartened to see how many organisations are responding to this urgent need and offering a warm space for local people.

We have been busy collating details for numerous groups, organisations and businesses happy to offer a warm welcome. The effort they’re making to help in this energy crisis is extraordinary. I would encourage everyone to look into what is available near you. To view the ever-growing list, visit the CVS warm spaces page.

Lorraine Jarvis, Chief Officer, Chelmsford CVS

Street Support Chelmsford has also compiled a list of warm spaces. To find out more visit their website.

If you are struggling financially, make sure now that you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to. You might be able to get help with essentials like bills and food. Contact Citizens Advice, or visit the Chelmsford City Council website to find out more.

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