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Small sustainability swaps that make a huge difference

Living more sustainably doesn’t require making drastic changes. It’s possible to make a huge impact by swapping out a few old habits in your daily routine for new ones.

Our shared goal is to make a greener Chelmsford, so read below for some sustainability ideas that you, your family and your friends could do to help…

A box full of things that can be recycled


It’s well known that plastics are polluting our planet. Single-use plastics are mostly non-biodegradable which typically end up in our oceans and amongst nature. By limiting the amount of plastic you buy and use, you are already having an impact. If you currently buy bottles of water, perhaps when picking up a meal deal for lunch, try instead bringing a reusable bottle from home. It’s cheaper and you can take them anywhere you go.

Did you know, you can download the refill app on the Appstore to access free tap water on the go? You can use your own cup and get rewards and discounts from certain cafes and hot drink vendors in Chelmsford.

Other ways of limiting your daily use of plastic is by using a reusable container for your lunch, bringing metal cutlery out with you, bringing your own shopping bag (best to keep it in the car at all times) and buying as much fresh fruit and veg without packaging as possible. See how else you can help, here: https://loveyourchelmsford.co.uk/green-living/plastics/

Plastic Bottles


How about limiting travel in cars and being more sustainable with your journeys? It doesn’t have to be as difficult and time-consuming as it may sound. There are many options, such as walking, taking public transport and trying out Chelmsford’s cycle paths by bicycle. If you’re just popping to the shops, try a different method of travel. It’s often more energy to find a parking spot sometimes, and you’re not adding to traffic congestion!

More information on sustainable travel can be found here: https://loveyourchelmsford.co.uk/green-living/sustainable-travel/


Get creative

It’s always hard to think of ways to entertain the kids in half term and summer holidays. Buying up at-home activity packs can be expensive and wasteful. If you’re looking for ways to entertain when spending time indoors, get creative with household objects that would otherwise be thrown out. Turn your cardboard boxes into a fort; make animals out of toilet rolls; a rocket from a washing up bottle or turn a cereal box into a hat. A bit of paint and glue makes for endless possibilities. This also teaches your children the importance of trying to save the environment, one step at a time!

Toilet Roll Animal Crafts
Fun toilet roll animal crafts

What else can you do?

Other ways you can change your daily routine are by:

  • Using reusable straws
  • Unplugging unnecessary electronics and devices
  • Become paperless and use online resources
  • Throw your recycling away in the correct bags, as well as your food waste
  • Eat less meat
  • Donate old clothes to others or to charity shops
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Charlotte Maltby

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