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Six reasons to use Chelmsford’s outdoor gyms

Chelmsford has five outdoor gyms – including a brand new one that opened recently in Beaulieu. Boleyn Gardens is the latest Chelmsford park to now have an outdoor gym to use for exercise. Other outdoor exercise facilities can be found in Admirals Park, Andrews Park, Saltcoats Park and Chelmer Park.

Here are six reasons to pay one of Chelmsford’s outdoor gyms a visit…

1. It’s enjoyable

You’re outside, there’s fresh air in abundance, what’s not to enjoy? The new machines in Boleyn Gardens are colour-coded with different difficulty levels and have QR codes to scan to bring up a suggested workout plan.

2. It’s social

Visit an outdoor gym with a friend and you can encourage, motivate, and support each other to work harder. Having a pal with you gives you the opportunity to talk at the same time, turning exercise into a social opportunity. You can feel smug that this outdoor catch-up is a much healthier alternative than grabbing a coffee together. (Although maybe you can still do that after!)

3. You’re saving the world

Well, perhaps that’s a stretch. But it is certainly eco-friendly to use outdoor exercise equipment. They don’t require any electricity and they’re low maintenance. The equipment is made from more sustainable materials so you can feel good about yourself and the planet whilst clocking up some exercise minutes.

Mayor Cutting Ribbon At Outdoor Gym
The opening of Boleyn Gardens. Left to right: Cllr Rose Moore, The Mayoress, The Mayor of Chelmsford Cllr Jude Deakin, and Cllr Susan Sullivan

4. It’s free

Outdoor gyms are Council-owned and available to anyone and everyone of all ages and incomes. You can work out in them whenever you wish, whether they’re your go to place to get fit or they just add a bit of variety to your regular gym routine. It’s entirely up to you – your usage can be as regular or infrequent as your inner-Olympian desires.

5. You can explore Chelmsford

There are five outdoor gyms to choose from in Chelmsford, so it’s a great excuse to visit a new park and explore the city. One may be closer to your house or workplace but they’re all local to Chelmsford so you can try them all before deciding on your favourite.

6. The great outdoors is good for you

Ok, so the obvious – exercising is good for you! Exercising outdoors can have brilliant mental and physical benefits. Exposing yourself to sunlight increases your vitamin D levels (and most people in the UK can do with the extra vitamin D boost!). All the physical benefits of exercising indoors are there. You’ll get your blood pumping, improve your strength and endurance all with a dose of fresh Chelmsford air.

Outdoor Gym
The outdoor gym in Admirals Park

Find the address for each of the outdoor gyms located in Boleyn Gardens, Admirals Park, Andrews Park, Saltcoats Park and Chelmer Park on the Love Your Chelmsford website. Make sure to take hand sanitiser and follow any Covid-19 guidance that is signposted.

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Julie Weight
Julie Weight

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