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Four reasons to get outside and enjoy your local park

There’s nothing better than getting outdoors and taking in fresh, crisp air into your lungs; when you can hear peaceful bird song in the distance, the sound of children playing and the trees rustling.

Experiencing nature is vitally important for your health and here are just some of the reasons why you should get outside, if you can, to your local park or green space in Chelmsford…

Open Field In Chelmsford

Improves your mental health

Being outside and walking through a park can relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. If you’re having a bad day, it is worth trying to get outside and talking a stroll through a green space.

Surrounding yourself with natural light and greenery can make you feel better and can help you to clear your thoughts. Visiting your local park can also help you to connect more with your local community and make you feel more relaxed in general.


Improves your physical health

Walking more regularly can help to promote a more active lifestyle. Gentle to moderate exercise can reduce your risk of illness too. Walking just 10 to 15 minutes a day counts towards your recommended 150 minutes of weekly exercise.

Improves feeling of loneliness

Chelmsford’s parks are filled with friendly and familiar faces and just being around them can help to make you feel more included in the community and in turn, reduce feelings of loneliness.

Chelmsford’s parks offer some great opportunities for volunteering. Volunteering can help you to get to know people in your local community and make new friends. Marconi Ponds in Admirals Park has a fantastic volunteering programme that you can get involved with. Tasks range from practical conservation, helping with community events on the site, or helping to promote and manage the project as part of the ‘Friends’ group. More information can be found here: https://www.marconiponds.co.uk/

The parks are beautiful

Last, but certainly not least, the parks are stunning. We are very proud of our parks and the team works tirelessly to ensure that they are maintained to a high standard. 17 of the Council’s parks have a Green Flag status too.

Conduit in Admirals Park And Tower Gardens

All Chelmsford parks and green spaces are unique and offer clean and green recreational spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy. There are beautiful flowerbeds and nature to enjoy and the planting changes with every season. As the bulbs start to come up this spring, have you found your favourite?

Not sure what park to visit? Check out Love Your Chelmsford’s website today.

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Charlotte Maltby
Charlotte Maltby

Charlotte writes about the environment, parks, recycling, business, planning, public realm and democratic services.