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New funding secured for garden community

The planned Garden Community north-east of Chelmsford will create new, high-quality neighbourhoods where people really want to live and work. This initiative by the City Council, working with developers, has been recognised by the Government, with an award of more than £450,000.  

Housing In Chelmsford

The grant will be used by Chelmsford City Council to continue the work of bringing new development forward. A proportion of the money will also be used on improvements to existing cycle and walking projects in the area. 

The Garden Community development is planned to meet residents’ housing needs as well as addressing the climate and ecological emergency. It will also provide opportunities for new jobs and necessary infrastructure.  

A community for the future

Chelmsford Garden Community (CGC) will provide around 10,000 new homes and the same number of new jobs over the next 20 years. Half of the area will be green space or water, with 20km of greenways, as well as footpaths and cycleways. In addition to four new schools, the plans include community centres and healthcare facilities. 

Working with the City Council, Essex County Council has already been awarded £218m of government funding for the Chelmsford northeast bypass connecting the A12 to the A131 at Great Leighs and the new rail station. Both will serve development at CGC and are programmed for completion 2025/26. 

Garden Community under construction

The Beaulieu and Channels neighbourhoods within Chelmsford Garden Community (CGC) are already under construction.

The council, alongside the development consortium, has recently held a public consultation on the plans. Feedback will be considered by the consortium and council planners as the masterplan continues to evolve. 

"This award is well-earned recognition for Chelmsford City Council’s work in providing long-term benefits for our residents. It is a boost to the council’s ambitious plans to create sustainable, high-quality neighbourhoods. It reinforces our vision, which guides growth to create a greener, fairer and more connected community for current and future needs of our residents.”

Cllr Mike Mackrory, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Development.

To find out more about garden communities visit: 

Garden communities set to flourish across England – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

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