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How you can support Ukrainian communities

Yesterday, Chelmsford City Council raised a Ukrainian flag at Chelmsford’s Civic Centre in solidarity with the people of Ukraine and Ukrainian communities in the UK. The City Council hopes that reason and reconciliation will prevail to bring this awful war, which has already created so many innocent victims, to a swift and peaceful end.

Ukrainian Flag
Ukrainian flag raised at Chelmsford’s Civic Centre

Vladimir Putin’s brutal attacks on Ukraine have seen so many innocent civilians having to flee their own country and seek refuge. Many have been forced to leave everything behind to save their own, and their families’ lives as Russia’s invasion continues.

"As a Council, we stand against aggression and stand with Ukraine. We are proud to be flying a Ukrainian flag above Chelmsford’s Civic Centre and I am even more proud of how our community has come together to help those in need at this tremendously difficult time."

Cllr Robinson, Leader of Chelmsford City Council

If you wish to help those fleeing from Ukraine to safety, please visit the Chelmsford CVS website for more information. Our wonderful local voluntary service, Chelmsford CVS, are co-ordinating local efforts to help as many people as they can. Charities working in the area are urgently seeking donations of funds. The Disasters Emergency Committee now have an appeal where you can donate money for vital resources such as shelter, food and water. Every donation, no matter how big or small, will make a huge difference.

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