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First projects in children’s cultural provision announced

Young People At Museum

Chelmsford’s Local Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) has announced its very first set of initiatives in its nine-month incubator project.

Earlier in the year, local creative individuals and organisations were invited to submit ideas on how to offer greater artistic opportunities to children and young people in the city.

Following this process, six initiatives have now been chosen to continue to the next stage of the incubator project. These initiatives vary enormously, from outdoor sound workshops and new teacher resources, to radio clubs. They offer exciting ideas to inspire children of all ages and provide them with opportunities to engage with the arts in a different way.

Find out more about the chosen initiatives.

Denholm Ellis from Hot Box Live

Hot Box Live’s ‘Soundcheck’ project will introduce young people to original live music and give students aged 14 to 18 first-hand practical experience in the music industry.

Jemma McDonnell from Paper Birds Theatre Company

A key ambition of the Paper Birds Theatre Company is to develop creativity in children from a younger age. They will help teachers to deliver lessons in more creative ways through new resources and increased access to the arts.

Majida Burch from Brennan and Burch

Inspiring practical workshops will allow Majida Burch to support young people who struggle with formal education environments. They will develop hands-on skills in a range of industries, including sport, entrepreneurship, and fashion.

Michelle Durant from Chelmsford Community Radio

Chelmsford Community Radio will aim to boost confidence in young people through a series of school radio clubs. Through such clubs, schoolchildren will engage with varied topics, build functional skills, and work with their local community.

Saskia Gillespie from Ace Music Therapy

Ace Music Therapy’s ‘Music of the Forest’ outdoor sound workshops will help children to connect with themselves, nature, and music. The sessions will equip young people with the skills to effectively manage their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

What’s next?

Over the next nine months, the selected artists will work with a small number of children and young people to test their ideas. They’ll explore and answer research questions specific to their planned projects so they can help develop their initiatives further. They’ll be supported with seed funding, 1-1 collaborative sessions and peer-support.

About Chelmsford’s LCEP

The LCEP is delivered by Chelmsford City Council and Culture Chelmsford, with partnership investment from Royal Opera House Bridge and funding from Arts Council England.

The vision is to build on Chelmsford’s heritage of innovation, providing all children and young people with cultural and creative opportunities that broaden their horizons and support them to reach their potential.

The incubator is a key part of the LCEP’s two-year programme. It aims to generate evidence on practices that are successful (and unsuccessful) and enhance its understanding of the sector.

Find out more

You can read more online about the artists’ plans and the Local Cultural Education Partnership.

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