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Chelmsford marks first coronavirus lockdown anniversary

Today is the first anniversary of the first UK lockdown. Join us for a National Day of Reflection to reflect on our collective loss, support bereaved people, and hope for a brighter future.

The aim of the day is to reflect on the difficult year that we’ve all been through and especially to think of the bereaved and those who have sadly lost their lives during the pandemic. It is also a chance to think about the achievements and progress over the last year and remember the huge changes that we have all overcome to keep delivering services and keep supporting one another. Here are some of the ways in which you can take part:

Shine a light at 8pm

We are encouraging residents in the District to shine a light at 8pm. You can do this either on your doorstep or on a windowsill to show your support for everyone who has been bereaved during this time.

Candle (Credit Pexels Photo)

Join our minute of silence at 12 noon

Please join us for a minute of silence and reflection at 12 noon. You can think about the difficult year that we’ve all been through and the many losses that have been suffered.

Display yellow spring flowers in a window

Marie Curie is asking that people display yellow spring flowers in a window. We are joining in by displaying bunches of daffodils in the Council building.

Display a colourful poster in your window

Young people can create a colourful poster and display it in the window. You can download example posters from the Marie Curie website – Show your support.

Find out more here: www.mariecurie.org.uk/get-involved/day-of-reflection

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Charlotte Maltby
Charlotte Maltby

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