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All you need to know about Hylands parking season tickets

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If you’re a frequent visitor to Hylands Estate’s car parks, a parking season ticket could save you money when parking charges start from 8 November. There are options available for residents and non-residents of the Chelmsford City Council area, so read on to find out which scheme might be best for you.

Resident annual season tickets

If you pay council tax in the Chelmsford City Council area, you’ll have access to the best season ticket rates. This is because the scheme recognises that residents already make a contribution to the upkeep of Hylands Estate through their taxes.

Monday to Friday resident annual season ticket

Residents have two main options and the cheapest is the Monday to Friday annual season ticket. If you use the estate’s car parks regularly and your visits are mainly on weekdays, this could be your best choice. The first vehicle would cost £4.50 a month on this plan and there are additional charges for extra vehicles linked to your address.

Monday to Friday

Vehicle 1: £4.50 per month or £54 per year

Vehicle 2: £1.35 per month or £16.20 per year

Vehicle 3: £6.75 per month or £81 a year

Monday to Sunday resident annual season ticket

The second season ticket option allows residents unlimited parking in the estate’s car parks seven days a week. If you use the estate’s car parks regularly and your visits are mainly at weekends, this could be the one for you. The first vehicle would cost £6 a month on this plan and there are additional charges for extra vehicles linked to your address.

Monday to Sunday

Vehicle 1: £6 per month or £72 per year

Vehicle 2: £1.80 per month or £21.60 per year

Vehicle 3: £8.25 per month or £99 per year

Non-resident annual season tickets

If you don’t live in the Chelmsford City Council area you can still apply for an annual season ticket. Although you won’t be entitled to the best parking deals, this higher-rate season ticket could still save you a considerable amount if you drive to Hylands a lot. As before, there are two options: Monday to Friday and Monday to Sunday season tickets. There are no reductions for second cars, so any vehicle registered would pay exactly the same amount. 

Monday to Friday

Any vehicle: £6.75 per month or £81 per year

Monday to Sunday

Any vehicle: £8.25 per month or £99 per year

How to apply

You can apply for annual season tickets once you’ve registered with MiPermit. Go to the Hylands parking saver page on the Chelmsford City Council website for more instructions on how to do this.

Remember, you can obtain a season ticket for your main vehicle and still use a different vehicle from time to time, paying the daily parking charge which can be at the discounted resident rate if you’re a resident. 

If you have any further questions about season tickets, you may find the answer here: www.chelmsford.gov.uk/hylandscarparks.

If you can’t find what you need, email the parking team at carparks@chelmsford.gov.uk.

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Julie Weight

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