To cope with rising energy costs, the government has announced that some households will receive a £150 rebate.

This is called the “Council Tax Energy Rebate” and it will be administered directly by local authorities from April. This rebate is not reduction in council tax and so it won’t show on your bill. It is simply a one-off payment to you that will not need to be repaid.

You are eligible for this payment if you are paying council tax and living in properties in bands A, B, C and D. You can find the Council Tax band for your property on your Council Tax bill or on our website.

People who don’t pay Council Tax or who live in properties banded E-H and who are vulnerable or on a low income may receive discretionary payments.

We are waiting for government guidance about how all of this will work. Further information on the scheme and how to apply will be published on our website when we get more details.

You can find the official announcement of the scheme and support packages here on the website.

By Charlotte Maltby

Charlotte writes stories about recycling and waste, parks, economic development, local democracy and planning.

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