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Mayor not held back by pandemic

The pandemic has not held back the Mayor of Chelmsford, Councillor Jude Deakin, and the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Linda Mascot, in doing their duties over the past year.

In challenging circumstances, the Mayoralty still managed to represent Chelmsford. They attended over 135 events between 14 May and 31 December 2020. This was done with a little help from the internet – 36% of them were virtual.

Through video links, the Mayor and Deputy have answered schoolchildren’s questions about local democracy, judged competitions and been part of Pride. They’ve celebrated Diwali, chatted to Chelmsfordians at virtual coffee mornings and sent happy birthday messages on residents’ 100th and even 102nd birthdays.

When they could safely attend in person, they did. They snipped ribbons at the openings of new local businesses and play areas, marked Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day, and presented awards to volunteers at Chelmsford Centre Supporting Voluntary Action.

Despite Covid-19 restrictions, the Mayoralty are also still fundraising for their chosen charities for the year – Helping Hands EssexMIND and Sanctus.

They are also producing a podcast. Listen through Spotify or ask your smart device to play ‘The Chelmsford Mayor’s Podcast’. You’ll hear them talking about what they’ve been up to and bringing the work of some of Chelmsford’s most amazing local groups and charities into the spotlight.

“This last year has been a unique experience for all of us. It has been essential for the Mayoralty to look at different ways of keeping in touch with residents and businesses throughout the Chelmsford district if we can’t visit them in person.

“I have attended about 150 events, two-thirds in person and the rest online. It’s been difficult not being able to visit all the villages to meet local interest groups or uniform groups. We can’t just drop into schools, businesses, networking groups or visit care homes and charities as much as we would like.

“Lockdown has made fundraising for my charities very difficult, although I am optimistic that we’ll be able to put on events in the near future.”

Chelmsford Mayor, Councillor Jude Deakin

Book the Mayor

If you or someone you know is celebrating a significant event like a 100th birthday, an opening or a new venture, you can ask the Mayor to attend or call 01245 606269.

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Julie Weight
Julie Weight

Julie writes stories and creates videos for Chelmsford City Council. Contact her at julie.weight@chelmsford.gov.uk or on 01245 606984.