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Find inspiration and marbles on Chelmsford’s high street

UNBOSI Representatives

After the last year and a half we’ve all had, we could do with a bit more joy and inspiration in our lives, and a team of people is hoping we’ll find exactly that in the city centre.

Treasure hunt set to begin

From Monday 19 July, a treasure hunt will be taking place in Chelmsford with an unusual premise. UNBOSI, or The United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration as they’re known, will be hiding special QR codes around the city which will turn whoever finds and scans them into an agent of inspiration.

Free tickets to an amazing marble run

The mysterious codes will also lead to free tickets to an incredible marble roadshow in the city centre at the end of August. Newly recruited agents of inspiration will be invited to take part in an amazing marble run powered by earth, water, air and fire, bringing joy and imagination to Chelmsford in the process.

UNBOSI are bringing their spectacular marble roadshow to the high street between 20-22 August in partnership with Chelmsford City Theatres. Ian Knowles, the theatres’ artistic director explains why you’ll want to get involved.

“We’ve been contacted by a small but mighty arm of the United Nations, the Board of Significant Inspiration, to help them with their mission. Their team of experts have declared Chelmsford an SSI – a Site of Significant Inspiration. Their renowned marbleologists have discovered a substance called MUSE coming from a fissure in this area, which causes unbelievable amounts of inspiration.

The clever people at UNBOSI have discovered after years of research, that MUSE can be infused into marbles, enabling inspiring and creative ideas to be shared around the world. We at Chelmsford City Theatres already know how inspirational the people of our city are, so we jumped at the chance to bring them to our high street.”

Chelmsford City Theatres’ artistic director Ian Knowles

Sign up as an UNBOSI agent of inspiration

So, if you’ve always wanted to be a special agent, now’s your chance. Look out for the codes popping up in the city to find out how to join the world’s nicest and most inspiring band of covert operatives.

If you aren’t able to take part in the treasure hunt, you can still be recruited as an agent by heading to the Chelmsford City Theatres website.

In the lead up to the marble run event, Chelmsford City Theatres would love to hear stories of inspirational local people, which UNBOSI says will boost already high levels of MUSE in the city.

Let them know who’s inspired you and why, with a post to the Theatres’ Facebook or Instagram accounts and send the MUSE detectors off the scale.

Key dates

Monday 19 July to Thursday 19 August

UNBOSI Marble Treasure Hunt. Locate the codes at prime MUSE Locations around the city centre to become an agent of inspiration

Friday 20 August to Saturday 22 August

UNBOSI Marble Roadshow. Supercharge your marbles via magnificent, marble-running earth, fire, water and air-powered contraptions

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Julie Weight
Julie Weight

Julie writes stories and creates videos for Chelmsford City Council. Contact her at julie.weight@chelmsford.gov.uk or on 01245 606984.