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Farewell, printed ‘City Life’!

A message from the City Life team:

City Life newspaper has kept residents informed about Chelmsford City Council’s actions and services for over 25 years. It has now been retired, but the council have pledged to continue keeping all residents up-to-date.

The first issue, then known as Borough Life, was published in 1996. It’s been a long journey from then to 2021. The paper has won several industry awards, announced Chelmsford becoming a city and covered many ‘mayor-making’ ceremonies.

The last ever printed issue of City Life hit doorsteps on 8 March 2021.

We will miss putting it together. But after survey feedback from readers and the need to make our communications more interactive and better value for money, it’s the right time for City Life to move online.

This new City Life website will be updated constantly, meaning you won’t have to wait for a thrice-yearly newspaper to come out to know what your city council is doing. You’ll be able to read about the latest council decisions and find out what’s going on in your city any time you like.

How else can I stay updated?

Of course, most people don’t check a website every day. To stay up to date, follow @ChelmsCouncil on TwitterFacebook or Instagram. You can also sign up to our City News mailing list to receive regular digests of important stories about Chelmsford.

We also want to continue supporting our local press and providing news, information and updates. Our press office continues to run as normal. If you’re a journalist covering the Chelmsford patch, you might like to sign up for push notifications to receive stories as soon as they’re uploaded to this website.

What about people who are offline?

Not everybody is online and we don’t want anyone to be left out of local democracy. The council will continue to run print campaigns about consultations, important changes, new services and other key matters so everyone is included.

What do you think of the new City Life site?

We would love to hear what you think of the new website. If you have a suggestion for a story, an idea for improvement, or even if you like what we’ve done here and want to let us know, please comment on this story or on social media. You can also email us your feedback at publicity@chelmsford.gov.uk.

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Julie Weight
Julie Weight

Julie writes stories and creates videos for Chelmsford City Council. Contact her at julie.weight@chelmsford.gov.uk or on 01245 606984.