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Could you shape Chelmsford’s cultural future?

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Culture Chelmsford, an independent charity supporting arts and culture in the city, is looking for new trustees. The charity is helping to grow the cultural scene in Chelmsford, and you could join them.

To get the best for culture in Chelmsford they raise money, influence others, and work with partners like councils, universities and cultural organisations.

Now they want to expand their team of committed trustees. So, if you’re passionate about the city’s cultural scene and would like to develop your skills as a trustee, this could be just the opportunity for you.

Culture Chelmsford’s mission

Culture Chelmsford was established in 2017 to help realise the creative potential of the city and bring people with a shared vision for arts and culture together. Since then, they’ve worked with arts organisations, schools, theatres, and the city’s creatives to turn ideas into real projects.

They’ve helped to launch Chelmsford’s first Local Cultural Education Partnership and they’re currently exploring the potential for a future UK City of Culture bid.

The charity is led by a board of volunteer trustees who set the strategic vision for the organisation. Their current members have leadership roles in some of the UK’s foremost museums, galleries, heritage sites, and charities. Some also have specialist expertise in finance, business and HR.

No previous trustee experience needed

The board is looking for candidates from every section of the Chelmsford community, from all ages and backgrounds. If you don’t have experience of doing anything like this before, don’t worry. If you become a trustee you’ll be given a buddy trustee to help you grow into the role.

The most important attribute is a passion for Chelmsford and evident interest or knowledge about arts, culture and heritage. If you have a particular talent for fundraising, know-how in finance, an ability to communicate and inspire, that would also be an advantage.

Being a Culture Chelmsford trustee

Trustees advise, shape and support the work of Culture Chelmsford, empowering the executive team to deliver strategic plans. As a trustee you’d be expected to do the following:

  • attend board meetings which take place six evenings a year
  • provide guidance based on your areas of expertise
  • read and respond to policy papers within an agreed timeframe
  • support the functions of the trust related to any qualifications or specialisms you have
  • commit to the role for the next 3 years
  • understand your legal responsibilities as a trustee

Being a trustee is an incredibly rewarding experience. You’ll develop your own skills in leadership, communication and how to run an effective charity, and you’ll be part of a committed team helping to shape Chelmsford’s cultural future.

Being a trustee is not a paid role, but you would be reimbursed for any reasonable expenses.

How to apply

You can apply in writing or by video explaining why you’re Culture Chelmsford’s newest trustee and you’ll find all the information on how to do that here.

If you’d like to find out more about what’s involved before you apply, or would simply like to have a conversation about the role, get in touch with secretary@culturechelmsford.org.uk or exec@culturechelmsford.org.uk. The closing date is Wednesday 20 April.

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Julie Weight
Julie Weight

Julie writes stories and creates videos for Chelmsford City Council. Contact her at julie.weight@chelmsford.gov.uk or on 01245 606984.