Love Your Chelmsford is shining a light on the benefits of sustainable fashion. Events and competitions are planned for May to highlight the environmental impact of buying new clothes and help encourage people to re-wear the clothes they currently own.

Shopping for, and wearing, pre-loved “second-hand” clothes has risen in popularity. Second-hand selling sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Vinted, Depop and EBay provide opportunities to cheaply give new life to unwanted items – especially handy for fast-growing small children!

Pre-loved clothing film, fashion survey and upcycling contest

Love Your Chelmsford has worked with content creator Amy Lorenz to create a film of her hunting down outfits in Chelmsford’s charity shops. Amy shares her tips for finding pre-loved hidden gems when second-hand shopping. She also showcases how pre-loved clothing is accessible for everyone’s budget and helps reduce the environmental footprint of clothing. Check out the film with Amy on the Love Your Chelmsford website.

A fashion survey has also been launched to better understand Chelmsford clothes shoppers’ habits. Upon completion, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a Social Supermarket £100 Gift Card. If this sounds good, take the survey now!

Additionally, the team has organised a Clothes Upcycling Contest for 11-18 year olds. The contest will help promote extending the life of clothes and save them from going to landfill. Competition entrants will be challenged to create anything from a brand-new outfit to a simple accessory, using existing clothing and jewellery. To enter you must be a resident of Chelmsford and aged 11-18.

Free clothes mending workshop at Chelmsford Cathedral

Person using needle and thread to mend clothes

Love Your Chelmsford has collaborated with Fast Fashion Therapy to offer free clothes mending workshops on Saturday 20 May at Chelmsford Cathedral. Come along and learn simple repair techniques for your favourite clothes! From patching up holes, taking up hems and sewing buttons – there’s loads to learn to give your well-loved garments a new lease of life. For more details and to book your place, go to the LYC webpage.

To find out more about sustainable fashion, visit the LYC Sustainable Fashion page. Don’t forget to follow Love Your Chelmsford on Facebook and Instagram too.

By Lia Salacuri

Lia writes stories for Chelmsford City Council. Contact her at